When I see some amazing art posted on Twitter without attribution to the creator, especially by someone in science communication, I kind of lose it. Using Tineye.com and Google Search by Image, I usually track it down and try valiantly to communicate that they should add a credit. I usually lose the battle with my valiant side and come off like a snarky scoundrel. I'm terrible.

I spend a lot of time thinking about credit, and a little less time thinking about permission. When treatment of artists is at rock bottom, I usually focus on the baby step of at least adding their name.

Which is why I was kicking myself when I read some tweets and a magnificent blog post by illustrator Sarah McIntyre, aka @jabberworks.

Specifically, this:

Of course. If the artist is on Twitter, simply tag them in the photo. It's so simple! It doesn't even take up room in the tweet. Surely this is a bare minimum of acknowledgement that would help people who don't want to sully their wonderfully crafted tweets with artist names. (See? Scoundrel.).

It doesn't show up in the native Twitter app on my iPad, but it does on desktop or my iPhone version. So easy.

McIntyre has a lot to say about the business of illustration, and is advocating for respect with the #PictureMeanBusiness hashtag. It's brilliant.

Find more of Sarah McIntyre's work, including her illustrated children's books at the links below.

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