Sometimes the easiest way to spark discussion about science is to bring it into everyday situations - like by wearing it as jewellery.

This week polymer clay sculptor Noadi a.k.a. Sheryl Westleigh aims to increase the conversation about cephalopods - and it's Cephalopod Awareness Days!

Cephalopod Awareness Days are organized around the number of limbs of these charming molluscs:

  • October 8 – Octopus Day, for all the eight-armed species
  • October 9 – Nautilus Night, a time for all the lesser-known extant cephalopods
  • October 10 – Squid Day/Cuttlefish Day, or Squittleday, covering the tentacular species
  • October 11 – Kraken Day, for all the fantastical cephalopods of myth, movies, literature and legend. Cthulhu fthagn!
  • October 12 – Fossil Day (to coincide with National Fossil Day), for all the incredible suckers that have gone extinct but left an impression with us.

-Source, Cephalopod Day Tumblr.


Noadi is doing contests and giveaways on her blog for a couple of more days featuring her fun (and just a bit sinister) tentacles creations. I can't see how any of these would fail to spark a conversation at the grocery, in the lab, at holiday dinners, or when waiting in line to cast a ballot.



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