Mineo Mizuno is a sculptor whose fascination with water as a central part of our existence took him on a journey resulting in this stunning series of large-scale moss-covered ceramic discs. His desire to capture the nature of water - its luminous, almost spritely character - lead him to perfect the form of a flattened droplet which he then expanded to incorporate bits of moss he would pick up on his daily morning bike rides. The result is a living, breathing sculpture, full of tension and wonder. See more of his living sculptures on his website.


For the third year running, we are turning September into a month-long celebration of science artists by delivering a new morsel of sciart to chew on each day. Totally yum? Check out what was previously featured on this day:

2013: Skeletal Drawing with artwork by Scott Hartman



2012: Frog Mech with artwork by Brian Lindahl