I think it's the eyes.

There is a lot of paleoart out there, and we feature a lot of it here on Symbiartic. Something about dinosaurs attracts some of the very best nature and science illustrators out there. I suspect some kind of love of science plus childhood nostalgia drives all of the dinophilia images out there.

Stephen (Stevie) R. Moore is a nature and science illustrator who has been turning his attention to prehistoric life. The composition of his new Suchomimus is striking: set against a web of snowy branches, the whole image feels like a scene from Lord of the Rings or Dragon Age concept art. And something in the eyes of this Suchomimus just grabbed me. It's the haunting eye of an animal's mind. If you can't see the eye well enough, view it larger on Moore's site or take a look at this:


Portfolios like Stevie Moore's are rich are rewarding for more than a few casual glances. The Suchomimus painting has competing hues of warm yellows and ochres and cool metallic blue snow, all of which meet in the eyes and lower jaw. Squint your eyes to see the interplay of dark and light cascading across the contours of the predator's back. Look at the textures, the way light falls and the flow of movement in these windows on the Mesozoic.

Here are a couple more; again with the stunning eyes.

I love the almost-fantastic blue and detailed hide on Tracy.

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Find more paleo and nature illustration by Stevie Moore, and check out his print shop:


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