Glasgow University medical student Michael McCormick is making sweet diagrams of organs, tissues, and molecules out of candies, cookies, and fruit. He shares his creations with the world on Instagram as candyanatomy.


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In the trenches of medical school, McCormick found himself finding study inspiration in everyday objects, noticing how a fried egg candy looked like a cell, for instance. "Then strawberry laces looking like capillaries, and I just started hoarding any sweets that might be useful, and developed more and more intricate pieces," he said.

His favorite candies to work with are red and blue laces, which he uses to represent oxygenated and deoxygenated blood vessels. "Though blue are very hard to come by!" he said. "I use smarties and skittles for most pieces too."

I also asked our candy aficionado what he does with all the candy when he's done with a diagram. I thought he was consuming massive amounts of skittles and licorice, or hosting candy parties. But he explained, "I actually don’t eat any of them! haha! Mostly because I need them for the next piece and I don’t want to buy more. Also they are going so stale."



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Currently candyman McCormick is interested in pursuing the fields of surgery and pediatrics. And in the meantime, a Candy Anatomy book might be coming soon. The previous 2 pieces are among McCormick's favorites, and I chose to also feature this one, a "candy-otype" of chromosomes. They look delicious.