Here on Symbiartic we've featured hundreds of fine artists, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, comic illustrators and cartoonists, jewellery-makers, dataviz designers since we began. So for this year's September SciArt Blitz, Katie, Kalliopi and I are also going to share pieces of our own work.

Without re-stating my whole bio, I'll talk about plans for the future.

After completing some outstanding commissions that I hope will be well-received, my plan is to be well-into an ebook I've been storyboarding and making thumbnails for by June next year, tentatively titled A Naturalist's Field Guide to Flying Trilobites.

The image above, Knowledge Pupates was a gift to a colleague who was enthusiastic about my work when I was starting out. I have taken the original pencils, and painted under them using the spectacular ArtRage 4. The paint-style was an experiment for the ebook, to test styles. Not sure if I nailed the look 100% yet, and so I present it here for feedback.

What do you think?

An art blog like Symbiartic should be about process as much as finished work, after all.

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Great timing! My blog The Flying Trilobite was named Canadian Science Blog of the Day today!


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