I found out yesterday that it's Pollinators Week! I had no idea. I need a calendar of science and nature days, weeks, and months. This must exist somewhere on the internet... but that's another post right there.

Pollinators Week celebrates the bees, birds, butterflies, and bats for their wonderful alliteration as well as their pollinating roles. It's put on by the Pollinator Partnership, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems.

So... what shall we do during Pollinators Week?

  1. Find out what local plants would benefit pollinators in your area.
  2. Plant some, or tell someone else to plant them, or tell your friends you can't remain friends if they don't plant them. You have many options here. 
  3. Learn about your local nursery that is not a big chain (*cough* like Home Depot *cough*), as they will have plants that haven't been pre-treated with bee-killing pesticides. (I mean, yikes!)
  4. Find a Pollinators Week event near you.
  5. When you see produce lined up at the farmers market or grocery store, remember all the little pollinators that helped make them happen!