Celebrities, journalists and politicians are all likely to receive the coveted Verified badge on Twitter. Presumably, this is due to all of these careers adding value to the platform for the average user, and to distinguish their identities from malicious imposters and parody accounts.

There's another group that adds consistent value to the experience of using Twitter: image creators. Fine artists, illustrators, videogame and movie conceptual artists, comic book artists, web cartoonists and professional photgraphers all add a tremendous amount of value - the images appear right in your feed! - to the Twitter platform. 


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I think the time has come for a Verified Artist badge. It would allow users to know they are retweeting from the source. It could potentially raise the profile of the creators themselves, instead of the rapid image-churning sites like @HistoryInPics and @IFLScience. Obviously it wouldn't cut down on all uncredited sharing. But images have been proven to draw more attention on social media than posts without them - it's why Twitter began putting images and then video inline in your feed in the first place.

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Yes, I have violated Twitter's ToS and messed with their logo. Again. To create value and extend their brand, of course.