What happens when a studio, specializing in medical illustration, animation and interactive apps, sets out to make a Christmas card? You get The Santastic Voyage, a video game where you shrink down, zip through Saint Nick's bloodstream, zapping the West Noël Virus and Bah Humbugs in order to save Christmas.

InViVo Communications finished the candy cane and mistletoe touches on the game yesterday, and have made it free to download for desktop.

To get the game, point your web browser here:

The web version (must have UNITY installed to play; it prompts you to install, takes a few seconds):


My favourite part is the Viruses Roasting On An Open Fire power-up.

Download it now and save Santa! InViVo Communications is an award-winning interactive media company specializing in biotechnology, global pharmaceutical and medical device communication. Capable of handling print illustration, 3D, animation, interactive apps and making science and medicine accessible and breathtaking. We'll check out some more of the InViVo portfolio in a post in the New Year here on Symbiartic.

Full disclosure, it's also where the author (that's me!) now works. But hey, I show my own art from time to time, and none of that looks as slick as this video game the InViVo team came up with. And you save Christmas. So you're welcome.

Thanks for a fun game, and great first few weeks at the new job, InViVo team!

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More places to find InViVo online:

InViVo Communications

YouTube Channel

@InViVoCom on Twitter



**Edit: The Santastic Voyage is now available for free to download for iPads in the app store.