Did you hear the lichen news? If not, I am so happy to inform you that a new discovery has been made about them.

Scientists have been fascinated by these strange growths since they discovered their symbiotic system 150 years ago. They’re a successful partnership between cyanobacteria and fungus, and this hearty duo is often seen growing ever so slowly on rocks and tree trunks.

So, after studying them for over a century, you’d think we’d have the basic details down, right? Ha, of course not. Just recently, researchers discovered that the duo is more of a trio, with yeast getting in on the fun. We’ve just never noticed until now.

comic about lichens
Credit: Katie McKissick

Just a little reminder that there's always more to learn about the world around us, even if we've been staring at it for 150 years. Read all about it here.