Immy Smith does it all - cartooning, fine art, neuroscience and taking part in the art+science "collaborative of polymathic artists", Imagining Science. Smith is even visiting artist at an herbarium.

For the September SciArt Blitz, I had originally planned to share one of Smith's fine art pieces - but these neurons are so weirdly charming. There's something almost Fraggle Rock about them, but something a little spooky. Like the comfort of our thoughts, and the fear that comes when they get away from us. If the Hippocampal Neurons above don't demonstrate what I mean, took a look at Smith's Frankenstein Neuron.

And okay: one small peek at the kind of fine art that drew me to Immy Smith in the first place.


For the third year running, we are turning September into a month-long celebration of science artists by delivering new sciart to invade your eyeballs. The SciArt Blitz! Can’t get enough? Check out what was previously featured on this day:


2013: Unfeathered For All the World to See - art by Katrina van Grouw


2012: Heavily Armored Hallucigenia - blacksmithing by Darrell Markewitz