Listen up, Lonely Hearts Club. Before you get all frothy about the holiday that rubs salt in the wounds of your failed attempts at love, take a page out of Beth Croce's book on How to Mend a Broken Heart, will ya? Because I'm sure that all you need to cauterize the wound inflicted by your last lover is a spanky cute pin up guy/gal to dive in to your thoracic cavity, grab a hold of that bleeding aorta and squeeze. And oh, did I mention? Beth Croce is stationed down under, in Aussie, mate. So dig their killer accents. **swoooooon**

There's a little somethin' for everyone. The blonde, the brunette...

But wait, there's more!

Joaqin Phoenix in his skivvies. To the rescue. Ahoy!

Brazilian babe in Speedo? Anyone?

Hipstah-honeys like 'em lean 'n green, in skinny jeans...

Annnnd, the hot geek. You know you want her:

This series is part of BrokenHeartBooks - A ten volume series of vintage (date unknown) encyclopedias with hand painted covers by medical illustrator/artist Beth Croce

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