Q: How do you fill a dinosaur exhibit with feathers?

A: Put out an open call to the blogosphere's paleo artists.

ART Evolved is a paleo-themed group art blog created by educators Craig Dylke and Peter Bond that I've had the pleasure of being involved in since its inception 4 years ago this month. One of the most popular features are the Time Capsule galleries: themed, open-to-everyone paleo-art galleries. They've ranged from ceratopsians to paleo-environments to pop culture to a special "pink dino" gallery that raised money for breast cancer research.

Sometimes the submissions can be busy, others times slight: however, the recent Feathered Dinosaur gallery garnered over 70 submissions, including ones from both Kalliopi and myself.

The diversity of the ones here are just to whet your appetite. Head over to ART Evolved and check out the amazing feathered dinos!

The next Time Capsule Gallery will be a tribute to Dan Varner - submissions to ART Evolved can be directed to artevolved@gmail.com .