Today at 2pm Central, I'm excited to be taking part in FtBConscience: Atheism with a conscience, a free online conference hosted by the Freethought Blog Network.

Naturally, I'll be talking about art, science and atheism. Here's the official blurb:

Atheism, science and art 2pm - 3 pm Central

Artists within the secular, scientific and skeptical communities online discuss using their art to popularize their preferred field. Hosted by Amy Roth and Glendon Mellow.

You may remember we featured Amy Roth's Surlyramics here on Symbiartic back in August of last year, Surly Amy and the Charms of Reason.

Here's the rundown of who we have planned for the discussion: sites, Twitters and G+:

Glendon Mellow - @FlyingTrilobite - G+

Amy Roth @SurlyAmy G+

Emily Finke @seelix G+

Ann Sauer @aynsavoy G+

Julius Csotonyi (not on Twitter, so read this Symbiartic interview!) G+

It will be a Google+ Hangout, Live to Air and in the format of an informal chat. The topic of atheism in fine art can be a surprisingly tricky one, and it's often better expressed through illustration, comics and political cartoons. I'll be bringing a bag of questions for the group, and let's see where this goes.

In the meantime, I've picked out a couple of examples of atheism + science in art that I may bring up in the discussion

Science Chess Accommodating Religion © Glendon Mellow


Join us!

Thanks to Jason Thibeault, the Lousy Canuck for inviting me aboard!

* * *

Edit - Thanks to everyone who watched and engaged with the Hangout! My apologies to my fellow panelists and to those watching that I was in and out. Technical problems ensued, and I'm so disappointed I didn't get to take part. Happy that what I caught was fascinating without me. Thanks again to Jason, Amy, Julius, Ann and Emily.

You can watch the whole thing here!