Scientifically informed comics are some of the best kind, and I've got a soft spot for unusual animals outside of the Farm and Zoo toyset species such as the amphibian axolotls.

Since 2012, Ethan Kocak has been creating The Black Mudpuppy, a webcomic about a vengeful Aztec god who has been punished and must do good deeds to regain his former powers. The comic is populated by character like The Black Mudpuppy's partner, a low-paid tropical fish enthusiast named Simon, and sham-TV doctor Doctor Hypochondria who makes people believe they are sick.

You can find the recent storyline, Salamanders from Hell by clicking on the image above to start at the beginning.

Creating webcomics is a tough business and often goes largely unrewarded. Kocak discusses with his readers the direction of the strip, and is a fantastic presence in the #sciart community on Twitter. Give a bunch of issues a read, and consider supporting his work on Patreon.



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