To anyone who is wondering, one way to make me very happy is to invite me to an event such as this one:

Yes, a science art event at one of my favorite places, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, that involves sketching flies’ naughty bits all while sipping fine wines. I’ve died and gone to #sciart heaven.

The subjects of this artistic evening are phorid flies, the very same flies I covered previously here on Symbiartic, as 43 new species were discovered in the Los Angeles area. This event will benefit the museum’s Urban Nature Research Center, which is dedicated to urban biodiversity and further understanding the ecosystems of Los Angeles, bringing together scientists, citizen scientists, and educators to explore local wildlife.

I will indeed be there to take part in this science art extravaganza. I cannot wait to take home my very own phorid fly genital work of art.

Have you been to or heard of similar science art events in your area? Let me know! I want to hear all about them!