Scientifically there can be so much wrong, but artistically so much wonderful. Kaitlin Beckett of A Curious Bestiary has done it again, this time with some anthropomorphic skeletal dinosaurs who have attached feathers to their bony frames using scotch tape and wire. 

Part of what I love about Beckett's weirdness is it is thoroughly, unapologetically 2D art. While you can imagine her creations as marionettes, they really aren't complete without the splatters and crosshatches grounding them on the page.


Feathered Triceratops © Kaitlin Beckett
Feathered Parasaurolophus © Kaitlin Beckett
Feathered Velociraptor © Kaitlin Beckett. Beckett notes he's got a bit of a philosoraptor in him.
Feathered Pterosaur © Kaitlin Beckett. Because why not?

Whether or not the anatomy of these beasts is correct is beside the point - they wouldn't exist without paleontology giving artists like Beckett something to play with. 


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