Pretty excited about this: from now through November 8th, I will be running the @WeTheHumanities Twitter account! If you're not familiar with it, it's a Twitter account with a focus on the humanities, and switches authors every week. 

Two of my most popular posts in the past two years have been:

How Plagiarized Art Sells for Millions - Symbiartic


Who Holds the Gaze? A Storify - The Flying Trilobite

Both of these posts had a heavy focus on fine art traditions, while also discussing technology in the former and science illustration in the latter. So I'm hoping to bring that sort of discussion to @WeTheHumanities this week. In addition, I'm excited to share the vast, emerging art genre of SciArt with the We the Humanities regular audience. 

Whether you're one of my regular readers or someone new, I hope you'll join me there! And don't be shy. Ask me questions! 


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