Somehow, coffee and science-art go together like caffeine and end-of-term, like peanut butter and chocolate. (Damn, now I want peanut butter and chocolate flavoured coffee...).

According to Twitter, (which nevereverEVAR lies unless it's about celebrity death), today is International Coffee Day. So have a sip of some espresso, and enjoy this shot of coffee-flavoured science-art.

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Michele Banks, who also goes by Artologica can be found:

@artologica on Twitter

Etsy Shop - where both of these paintings are available for purchase.

About her brain-coffee paintings, Banks says,

"I put down a background wash in a pale cafe-au-lait, and then "painted" on it with a paper coffee cup dipped in paint in coffee and espresso browns. The paint spreads out a little, creating that coffee-ring-on-paper pattern familiar to many of us from studying or working late. The background is a rich coffee-brown shade."

My fellow Scientific American blogger peep Scicurious of The Scicurious Brain and the Scientopia blog, Neurotic Physiology commissioned this tattoo design from me last year. Follow her on Twitter @scicurious and me @flyingtrilobite. You can read my post about designing this tattoo here, and Sci's thoughts about it here.

You can see this and other science-tattoo designs I've done on my portfolio site,



When I came across this amazing historically inspired nature-fantasy illustration, I contacted artists Tess Garman and Teagan Gavet immediately. You can find them at:

Blotch: Freelance Artist blog

@screwbald on Twitter

Blotch art portfolio

DeviantArt Gallery

and their upcoming graphic novel about anthropomorphic predators, NordGuard.

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Hope you enjoyed this sample of coffee science-art. Hmm, next year maybe we need some latte art and biscotti sculptures in the shape of dopamine receptors...