Today is World Asthma Day.

Started by the Global Initiative for Asthma, I thought World Asthma Day would be a great time to share a detail from a series of key frames being produced by the animation team at INVIVO Communications, where I work.


As a lifelong asthmatic, I know how it feels as though sometimes you are breathing through a harmonica filled with dry leaves. I also know how important it is to receive good care from a respirologist and to get the right information. Over the past 15 years, seeing my respirologist a couple of times a year has kept me out of the emergency room. I used to go in like clockwork. Thanks Doc!

Learn more about maintaining a healthy life with asthma:

Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA)
Asthma Society of Canada

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Thanks to Mike, Jason and Kevin at INVIVO for turning this around for me so quickly!
Disclaimer: Although I work at INVIVO, this is not a paid ad. My employers at INVIVO do not request that I post on Symbiartic and did not review this post, beyond providing the artwork. In addition I made my co-bloggers and editor aware I would be posting. C’mon, look at those lungs. Make me wanna bike uphill both ways.