Sometimes you never know where your work will end up. Take this figure depicting the evolution of whales that I created for Jerry Coyne's book, Why Evolution is True. Pretty academic and dry, right?

When I created it I never thought it would have appeal outside of the occasional textbook reuse or request to include it as a lecture slide (but I kept the copyright regardless in keeping with my policy for all illustrations I create). So imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Jason Osborne from Paleo Quest with a request to reuse one of the skeletons on the label of a beer made with yeast collected from an actual proto-whale fossil! I was geeked.

You can read about Osborne's collaboration with Lost Rhino Brewery to create Bone Dusters Paleo Ale here. In the meantime, here's the label designed by Lost Rhino's graphic designer, Logan Martin.

The beer is brewing away and expected to make its grand entrance to the market in late May/early June. For more details on the release date (and party), contact Lost Rhino Brewery. You can also follow Bone Dusters on Twitter.

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