When Mary Anning discovered the first fossil ichthyosaur skeleton along the Blue Lias cliffs of Dorset, could she have dreamed something like this?

Ichthyosaur © Amanda Heath

Amanda Heath is an art teacher and sculptor working in the mixed media of copper, glass and wood, and inspired by the Jurassic coast of Dorset. Here are a few more pictures of the process of making the Glass Ichthyosaur. Her process is as wonderful to see as the final form.

Detail of the copper head. © Amanda Heath

Pouring the glass. © Amanda Heath

Glass detail. © Amanda Heath

Cutting the glass. Something I did not know you do but is totally fascinating to me. © Amanda Heath

I might also note that when your artistic medium of choice is molten glass poured over shiny metal, you can use as much lens flare in your photography as you want. True story.

Nautilus forma © Amanda Heath

And because I can't help myself when it comes to trilobites, here's a copper and glass one peeking its cephalon up from the grass.

Trilobite © Amanda Heath

Thanks to Amanda Heath for sharing her work with us here on Symbiartic!

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