500 years ago, artist and engraver Albrecht Dürer took the time to carefully and meticulously paint the >Great Piece of Turf.

In both the Northern and Southern European Renaissance, studies in preparation of a larger painting were not uncommon. One of the many remarkable features of Dürer's study is that it appears to have been created just for itself. The brief life of a few plants - including "cock's-foot, creeping bent, smooth meadow-grass, daisy, dandelion, germander speedwell, greater plantain, hound's-tongue and yarrow"¹ - immortalized.

Lenne3D is a company specializing in 3D models for animation and visualization of "past and future landscapes" including topics around energy and ecology. They have created a delightful 3D animation that steps inside the Great Piece of Turf: marvel at Dürer's Wonderland.


For the third year running, we are turning September into a month-long celebration of science artists by delivering new sciart to invade your eyeballs. The SciArt Blitz! Can’t get enough? Check out what was previously featured on this day:


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