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The art of science and the science of art.

The 2016 SciArt Tweet Storm--by the Numbers

The #SciArt Tweet Storm swept over Twitter last month with an astonishing number of tweets displaying the intersection of art and science. In this post Glendon crunches the numbers for the community...

April 5, 2016 — Glendon Mellow

Anish Kapoor, Fine Art Supervillain

Now that the blackest substance in existence has been created, sculptor and giant jelly bean maker Anish Kapoor has gained exclusive rights to use the transdimensional darkness. ...

March 2, 2016 — Glendon Mellow

Looking Ahead to the AnceStars

If the past few decades of genre fiction have been dominated by Steampunk, the future belongs to Afrofuturism. Inspiring artwork of mothers and sons by SReal.

February 29, 2016 — Glendon Mellow

Low-Battery Brain

How it feels when you're low on brain batteries

February 26, 2016 — Katie McKissick

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Depressed by Our Devices?

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