Here at Symbiartic, we're exploring themes from the perspectives of a fine artist (Glendon), a scientific illustrator (Kalliopi), and a science comic (moi). Our first theme is "New Beginnings." I do indeed love a fresh start -- a new year, a new class, a new job. Nothing soothes my nerves like a blank slate with no baggage and complications. What popped into my head at the thought of "new beginnings" was a hatching egg and perhaps its inhabitant wondering about its future.

Well, sort of, little chick. You missed it by at least 65 million years. But hey, in geologic time that's considered fashionably late.

Stay tuned for Glendon and Kalliopi's explorations of the same topic!


This post is part of an on-going series at Symbiartic called Art Takes on Science. We designed the series to highlight how three different science artists - a fine artist, a scientific illustrator, and a science comic - communicate the same science topic through very different means. For each new installment, we'll introduce one relevant science topic and then shortly after we'll each reveal what we've been working on in the studio. Aside from agreeing on the topic, there will be no other collaborating between the three of us. We hope you enjoy seeing the breadth of ideas we bring to the table as well as the opportunity to gain a little insight into science artists and their process. Read more about the motivations behind the series and as always, please feel free to contribute to the conversation via social media: #arttakesonsci #sciart #symbiartic