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Can Synesthesia in Autism Lead to Savantism?

Daniel Tammet has memorized Pi to the 22,514th digit. He speaks ten different languages, including one of his own invention, and he can multiply enormous sums in his head within a matter of seconds.

December 4, 2013 — Dana Smith

Do Dogs Fall for Magic Tricks?

Animals can be deceived, but do animals feel wonderment, awe, or sense that they have experienced the impossible?

September 11, 2014 — Susana Martinez-Conde

The Current Biology of the Dress

This week the first wave of research from scientific journals has begun to be published; Current Biology has posted a trio of papers by three different prominent competing color vision labs, each describing their initial studies of The Dress. So in celebration of the scientific enterprise and its surprise boost from the world of fashion: here is a summary of those first three studies for reading pleasure.

May 16, 2015 — Stephen L. Macknik

The Best Illusions of 2014

Review the 2014 Illusion Contest Winners before the upcoming 2015 contest winners are announced!

May 7, 2015 — Susana Martinez-Conde

To Patch a Visual Gap, Turn that Text Around

Reader, be proud. Youre a perceptual expert. As you read, your eyes alternately focus and move along each line of text in a seamless sequence honed over years of practice.

January 30, 2014 — Molly Sharlach

An Optical Illusion As Seen By a Fish

Visual illusions are fun: we know with our rational mind that, for example, these lines are parallel to each other, yet they don't appear that way.

February 28, 2015 — Felicity Muth

A New Reverspective

One of the very strange effects of reverse perspective is that the images seem to follow you as you pass by them. As if, while you are observing them, the pictures are watching you back.

January 25, 2015 — Stephen L. Macknik

Art and Science Team Up To Steal Your Attention With Magic

Artist Ellen Levy teamed up with neuroscientist Michael E. Goldberg, Director of the Mahoney Center for Brain and Behavior at Columbia University in New York, to apply the concept of change blindness to an interactive art installation.

November 22, 2014 — Susana Martinez-Conde

Looks Can Taste Deceiving: How Color Can Affect Taste

Is it possible that our vision can affect our taste perception? Let’s review some examples of studies that claim to have demonstrated that sometimes what we see can override what we think we taste.

October 29, 2013 — Cheryl G. Murphy

Can You Trust Your Eyes? A Video of Illusions

If you’re a fan of optical illusions and perceptual tricks, check out this AsapSCIENCE video. As usual, producers Michael Moffitt and Gregory Brown do a great job distilling the essential ideas and presenting them in a fun, entertaining and informative way.

September 13, 2013 — Philip Yam

Brain Awareness Week in NYC

This week is Brain Awareness Week 2015! A number of great events are taking place around the world to promote public education of the brain and to support research in neurological and psychiatric diseases.

March 15, 2015 — Stephen L. Macknik
Why Romantic Illusions Are a Good Thing

Why Romantic Illusions Are a Good Thing

Scientists believe that idealizing one's partner can work as a self-fulfilling prophecy, where illusion eventually becomes reality. That is to say, people can help to create the partners they wish they had, by exaggerating their virtues and minimizing their faults in their own minds.

February 12, 2015 — Susana Martinez-Conde

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