Welcome to my blog! Who am I? I am an award-winning journalist and author, and an editor at Scientific American Mind. I have worked as a Contributing Correspondent for Science, where I covered biomedical and neuroscience topics for a decade. I have also written features for Health magazine, Popular Science, The New York Times, Business Week and IEEE Spectrum. I have penned dozens of articles as a staff writer for Science News and Current Science, a Weekly Reader publication for middle school kids. Links to some of my writing appear below.

A graduate of Stanford University, I am the author of three books, most notably The Gene Masters: How a New Breed of Scientific Entrepreneurs Raced for the Biggest Prize in Biology, a behind-the-scenes story about the scientists involved in the Human Genome Project and their commercial competitors. (Times Books/Henry Holt 2002). My book, Ramblin’ Robots, won the 1997 IEEE Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions Furthering Public Understanding of the Profession; it was also selected for The New York Public Library’s “Books for the Teen Age 1997,” an annual list of the best young adult books. My third book was a collaboration with my father, Wayne, called Math Coach: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children Succeed in Math (Berkley Books/Penguin Putnam 2001).

At Scientific American Mind I develop story ideas about the mind, brain and human behavior. I work with authors to refine their ideas and then line-edit their manuscripts. In addition, I help plan the line-up of feature articles for each issue of the magazine and I contribute to our online and print coverage of mind and brain, including producing videos and audio slide shows (see links below). From time to time, I appear on television documentaries and science programs, covering psychology or other life-science topics.

My blog will cover the latest discoveries in psychology and brain science, and what these findings say about who we are, what we feel and why we act the way we do. As a parent of an impish boy and an equally feisty girl, my musings may sometimes meander into the personalities of children, the complexities of their social and academic lives, and the challenges of parenting them. A running and fitness enthusiast, I may also occasionally share my thoughts on how an active body fuels a fertile mind, and maybe beyond.

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