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Scientific American Blog Network

Scientific American Blog Network

1. Bloggers are invited to join the Scientific American blog network based on their expertise or background in a particular topic or thematic area. Each blog should have a statement on its “about page” that explains its scope and focus, as well as a biographical statement about the blogger.

2. Bloggers are encouraged to maintain a strong subject focus in support of their blog’s agreed upon scope and mission. When planning to write outside their areas of expertise—and especially if they want to write about topics that are controversial or new to them—they should consult with the blogs editor and seek editorial feedback and support as needed.

3. Bloggers are expected to adhere as closely as possible to the frequency of posting agreed upon at their hiring, and they shall not publish posts from guest authors without first clearing them with the blogs editor and submitting the posts for pre-publication review and editing.

4. Blogs are expected to abide by Scientific American’s editorial standards. While the following is not meant to be comprehensive, posts should be: accurate and transparent about sources of information and the basis for factual claims; intellectually honest about the balance of scientific evidence and opinion (i.e., the level of consensus or disagreement) as it pertains to specific subjects and/or questions; written clearly, with well-articulated arguments; respectful of copyright and rights and permissions guidelines for the use of third party content such as images and videos; and free of language that is libelous, defamatory, hateful or gratuitously derogatory.

5. Bloggers are entitled to a full explanation of Scientific American’s editorial standards and policies as they relate to specific posts and any points therein, and encouraged to consult with the blogs editor in cases where there are questions about those standards or policies.

6. Bloggers are entitled to timely editorial feedback and the full support of the blogs editor in all matters pertaining to their work for Scientific American.

7. Bloggers are encouraged to present their affiliation with the Scientific American blog network on social media and in public appearances related to their work for the community, but they should not purport to speak on behalf of the organization or as one of its representatives without first clearing it with the blogs editor.

8. Bloggers are expected to address errors or flaws in their work in a timely and transparent manner.

9. In cases where a post that does not adhere to guidelines must be removed either temporarily or permanently, Scientific American will make every attempt to notify the author before removing the post, and it will replace the text of the post with an editor’s note explaining the reason(s) for removal. Scientific American also reserves the right to add an editor’s note or statement of concern to any post that it feels does not meet its editorial standards.

10. In the event of content problems that do not warrant removal of a post, the blogs editor will contact the appropriate blogger directly and work with her or him to take corrective measures.

Scientific American Blog Network Guidelines

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