ScienceOnline is a conference put on by Karyn Traphagen, Anton Zuiker, and our own Bora Zivkovic. I've been going since I first stumbled across it in 2010, making this year the fourth time I've attended. Over the years the conference has managed to expand and change while keeping its original spirit of inclusiveness, discovery, collaboration, and fun.

It was easy enough to come to the conference when it was in my own backyard in Durham, North Carolina, but the sense of community of the conference drew me back all the way from my new home in Wisconsin. The result was four days of late nights talking at the bar, sitting in on perspective-granting sessions, and meeting tons of people with lots of moxie.

These people are truly my people. Why? Well, for one reason, Baba Brinkman, evolutionary rapper, was one of the Converge session presenters. His song Performance, Feedback, Revision plus the session on Blogging for the Long Haul (great post on the session by Scicurious here) congealed in my head to form a reminder of the energy and excitement I felt when I first started this blog. Attending ScienceOnline always gives me many new ideas for things to present on my blog, so watch this space for some new things to come.