I think Tesla would be proud to see his eponymous coils being used to play the melodies of Thunderbolt.

I'm just dropping a pointer toward this Bjork performance on Later with Jools Holland for a fun start to the weekend and for a heads up on her show in New York tonight. Bjork has been touring behind her scientifically-inspired album Biophilia for the past month, with stops at the New York Hall of Science and the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

Tonight at the Roseland Ballroom, you have a chance to see a 24-piece Icelandic choir, instrumental Tesla coils, and Bjork, live and direct. If you miss tonight's Biophilia performance, the last one is this Monday March 5th. Go to one of them for me, dear readers, since I'll be laboring over my Master's thesis on both of those dates.