Bon appetit!

Apparently, dolphins have multiple super-senses – Ed Yong tells us all about them.

Don’t think there’s science in the city? Think again. Carl Zimmer tell us about the incredible science being done in the big apple.

An important article for any DrunkSci: Greg Laden takes us back to the beginnings of merlot.

Allergic to semen? Apparently some women are, as Kevin Bonham explains. He also explains how one woman was allergic to her husband – I’m just dying to know how they didn’t figure that out BEFORE they got hitched!

Marie-Claire Shanahan seems to think I’m pretty convincing.

The most boring study of the year, according to NCBI ROFL.

Also, apparently lions attack more after the full moon. Good to know.

In other news, the human population is about to hit 7 billion, and Apple is about to become the most valuable company in the world.

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