Whew. What a crazy week! Just 7 days ago, I hopped on a plane and began my long journey eastward to North Carolina to attend Science Online 2012. In case you aren't familiar with the conference, Science Online is, as Christopher Mims said, like "a Burning Man for Science Journalists." For me, this meant three days straight of talking, learning, and networking - note the absence of the word "sleeping." Last night was the first time in a week I got more than 5 hours sleep. It was amazing.

Anyhow, I was at Science Online not only to engage with other scientists and journalists, but also to co-moderate a session titled "Blogging Science While Female." Here's the session description:

The session on women in science blogging at Science Online 2011 sparked internet-wide discussion about sexism, discrimination and gender representation in science and science blogging. Now here we are, a year later. How have we, as a community, faced the issues brought up by last year's discussion? What has changed? What have we learned, and what challenges still lie ahead? Moderators and attendees will assess the current state of women in the science blogosphere and discuss the best way we can support and encourage gender representation in science blogging.

Rather than rehash the session here, I'll instead give you Tanya Lewis' storify of the session (below). Also, be sure to read Kate Clancy's epically awesome post: Blogging While Female, and Why We Need A Posse