YES! The Ignobel Prizes are coming up again this year, where some of the oddest authors of the oddest studies out there get honored by real Nobel Laureates. It's a very interesting prize series, because not only are these studies often funny, they are also often USEFUL. So the study could, say, entirely change how men in hospitals cover themselves to work with patients, but it's really about bacterial cultures in people beards. Or the study could change the way we look at managing pain...but it's about cussing. Or it could change the way the think about transport planning...and it happened to involve a slime mold taking over Tokyo. You know, like you do.

And who KNOWS what this year's prizes are going to BE! Well, I don't know yet...but I'm going to know FIRST! That's because Sci is going to BE AT the IgNobels this year, blogging her little heart out on all the best weird science!! I'll be blogging and tweeting all the stuff I can get my little hands on. So follow along here and on my Twitter for all the latest and greatest weird science has to offer!!