Kate Clancy and I were lucky enough to be able to lead a session on Identity at this year's Science Online. What are your various identities? How do they impact your writing? Do you think you could use different identities to reach and identify with different audiences. The storify is below, and below THAT we have a challenge for you.

And now: The CHALLENGE

If you were present at the session, in real life or virtually, or even if you weren't, we'd like to know: how would you like to change the way you use your identity? Would you like to use it in new ways to reach new audiences? What will you change? What will you keep? We'd like to know! Kate will be hosting this month's Diversity in Science Carnival, and the subject is IDENTITY! We'd love to see your posts or your tweets or your tumblrs! Tell us about your identity. Tell us how you use it, and how you'd like to use it in the future! We'd love to have this session give birth to something more, something larger, that allows us to explore our various identities, and this means we need to hear from you! So get typing, and hopefully we'll see some of your identity issues in the next carnival!