Hi Everyone! Scicurious here, and thrilled to be blogging with the fine folks you will see introduced over the next few days. I am a post-doc in neuroscience at a fancy R1 university, and I have a PhD in physiology from another fancy place. My professional interests are in neuroscience, especially in neurotransmitter interactions. Sci has been on the internet a while now, blogging first at Neurotic Physiology on WordPress, then at Scienceblogs at Neurotopia, and THEN at Scientopia, where I remain to this day. I will be starting up a new blog here, the Scicurious Brain, where I’ll be telling you about the latest (or sometimes the oldest) and greatest (or sometimes the worst) research in physiology and neuroscience. Ok, it’s just about physiology and neuroscience, really. And sometimes I’ll tell you in the third person, because Sci likes to talk in the third person.

To give you an idea of my previous stuff, you can check out my Scicurious CV at my Scientopia digs. I’ve also included a few links below to give you an idea of what Sci does best!

My firstest biggest post was a post on Freud’s work with cocaine, which he published as “Uber Coca”.

Sci has written on migraine for the Guardian, particularly on the phenomenon of the migraine postdrome.

I have also appeared twice right here on the Scientific American Guest Blog, where I wrote about the psychiatry field’s struggles with the antidepressant reboxetine, and a recent paper on whether serotonin REALLY controls sexual preference.

And finally, one of my personal favorites, and PLoS ONE Blog Pick of the month which asks “Einstein was smart, but could he play the violin?”

Thanks so much for stopping by! The sciencey goodness will begin shortly!

If you have questions for Scicurious (and I do like questions!), you can email me at scicurious [at] gmail [dot] com, or feel free to follow and bug me on Twitter, where I’m @scicurious. I’m probably busy, but I’m also really obsessed with the internet.

(Contact Policy: Please think before you hit send. As with my other blogs, I have no problem posting your emails or tweets or whatever. My comment policies will also remain similar, just use common sense and common courtesy, and we’ll all learn and lot of cool new things and go home happy.)