(A Cross-post)

Sci grew up going to public school. We had some pretty good science teachers, and I remember how hard they worked to make learning fun for us. They raised money to build greenhouses (which I got to work in! Loved that!), raised money to build terrariums (nothing gets girls screaming like bringing a pile of crickets to feed the frogs to dance class. I'll admit, I was trollin'.), and let us build little robot cars to have epic battles in physics. They made science learning FUN, and they made me passionate about science. And even those who didn't develop passion probably have some great memories of their science classes, and might see science in a more positive way because of it. When I think about it now, I realize how many adults gave their best to help us have a good education, and how much of a help it was.

And now, YOU can help kids have fun and learn, and maybe one day become scientists themselves (or heck, maybe one day they'll read my blog!!!). It doesn't take much, $5 is fine! $2 is fine! But I'd love to see some of these projects funded!