Plate tectonics has no dang respect for human designations. While a few volcanoes tried to put on a show in January, earthquakes frequently stole the headlines. Hawaiian volcanoes remained stubbornly silent for Volcano Awareness Month. Rude.

But despite temporarily quiet volcanoes, the USGS scientists at Hawaiian Volcano Observatory have been busy! And they put out several excellent videos this month you may want to check out.

Transitions: What's next for HVO and the volcanoes it monitors?

Madame Pele rather abruptly evicted HVO from its lodgings on Kilauea's summit and then ended her decades-long show. Herein, we learn how HVO staff are making due, and what's in store for the volcano observatory's future.

Kīlauea lower East Rift Zone 2019: quiet but insightful

We saw a lot of in-the-moment science happening as fissures erupted in the LERZ in 2018. But when an eruption ends, the studies carry on. There are many questions yet to be answered, and strange goings-on still to be investigated.

What’s happening at Kīlauea Volcano’s summit?

You'd think Kilauea's summit would be a quiet place now that the lava's gone, but Madame Pele has been busy remodeling and recharging! Learn what's up in this informative presentation.

What can lava tell us? Deciphering Kīlauea’s 2018 eruption through chemistry

A billion cubic yards of lava. One. Billion. Cubic. Yards. That's how much lava Madame Pele delivered to Puna! And that lava has chemistry. Here are the stories it tells.

Living with Earthquakes in Hawaii

Okay, look, you knew we weren't gonna make it outta here without earthquakes. Hawaii's got 'em! Lots of them! Here's what they tell us about what the volcanoes are up to, how to live with them, and how you can help monitor them.

Unless one of Earth's volcanoes does something really spectacular, most of our focus is going to remain on Caribbean earthquakes for the next few weeks. We've also got a trip back in time to the 2003 San Simeon earthquake planned - we'll see some pretty neat parallels with Puerto Rico, and also learn the importance of reinforcing your masonry.

Then, geologic disasters willing, we'll return to volcanoes with an investigation of Whakaari/White Island's volcanic system. We'll explore the Taupo Volcanic Zone. We'll have a bit on phreatic eruptions and their hazards. And then we'll see where else earth science takes us!