One of my regulars over at ETEV pointed me toward this gorgeous E.S. Posthumus song, "Pompeii." In light of a recent Rosetta Stones post, it made sense to listen to it. I'm in love. This is the kind of thing that makes my heart go pitter-pat: grand, sweeping, forboding music combined with rather chilling visuals and a theme that touches upon geology. I am hooked.

So I figured I'd pass it along for you. Trigger warning for human remains about halfway through. It's tastefully done, but still difficult to watch.

I love the end. It's a stark reminder that many towns and cities are under threat from Vesuvius. We live uneasily with our geology, and some of us are aware that our truce could end at any moment.

I've a few geological tunes to share. We'll make this a semi-regular feature until I run out. Do you have any favorites? Do tell!

And don't worry. This week, I promise, there will be a new Mount St. Helens post on Thursday, which may not have the soundtrack and the stunning video footage, but will hopefully keep you riveted regardless. In the meantime, you might enjoy the glimpse of Coldwater Lake to be found over at ETEV. That lake didn't exist until Mount St. Helens created it in 1980. Pretty outstanding. And beautiful.