Thank you all for the very warm welcomes and gorgeous enthusiasm! You gave Rosetta Stones a fantastic launch.

With introductions out of the way and the furniture pretty much arranged, it's time to get out in the field. Where would you like to go? Consider this our suggestion box.

Do we begin at the beginning, with a short course in geology? Play about with rock types? Jump in with both feet and go exploring a landscape - and if so, what kind? Are there any news items of geological interest you'd like to investigate?

We already have more than rocks in the box. Rick, commenting over at ETEV, would like to "figure out why limestone doesn’t taste like lime in my cerveza." That's something I pondered, possibly too much, as a kid. So we'll be having a limestone day round here soon. Stock up on tequila and lime, or your preferred equivalents.

Bora said, "I hope we’ll get to read, at least sometimes, a little bit of her science-fiction writing, or some of her poetry. Perhaps mixed in with her science." We could do an excerpt or two, if you like. I could show you bits of the worlds I've built, together with a scene or so. Anyone else interested?

Malachite (nice!) says, "A post about Mount St Helen’s would be great, too." Can do! I've actually got a series started: we can just move it on over here.

I'd like Rosetta Stones to be a place where readers get a chance to choose topics. It's really all about you guys. So throw some ideas into the box. I'll plunge a hand in, take a topic out, and off we'll go!