The Geokittehs blog and our own Rosetta Stones made the New York Times, you guys! I wouldn't believe it, only it made the print edition, too, and I've spent an unmentionable amount of time running down copies. See! It's really real!


Okay, it's hard to see, but it's down there in the lower right column of the newspaper. Thank you, Jennifer Kingson! You made our day.

You all know all the credit goes to Evelyn, right? Because she's the one who keeps Geokittehs going, and is always gently nudging me to get something, anything, posted. I owe her like a dozen drinks. Okay, several dozen - she's done me more kindnesses than I can count!

You've all earned yourselves a round, as well, my darlings - we write for one of the most fantastic audiences in the geoblogosphere, and you've helped make this whimsical little Geokittehs enterprise a success. We're always in the market for more geokittehs - if you'd like your kitteh(s) featured, send us pics and a little info about your photogenic felines: geokittehs at gmail dot com.

And to any new readers coming in from the Times, welcome and enjoy! Please do stick around - we're having geocake on Friday, and I'd love to serve you up a slice. Have an Oreogeny and moar Geokittehs to tide you over. And everybody please give Evelyn and all the Geokittehs contributors a big huzzah. Thank you!