Since the election, Republicans in Congress have launched a sustained attack on America's national parks and public lands. Starting in January, they wasted no time putting in place new rules and legislation that threaten the future of our national treasures. They launched their assault on their very first day in session, and haven't stopped.

Republicans are determined to place our public lands in corporate hands, and Trump is happy to help them. So it's up to us. If you've ever loved our national parks, if you've ever enjoyed the wildlife in federal refuges, if you've ever taken your family to explore our heritage at national historic sites, now's the time for you to act.

Call, fax, email, or write your state and federal representatives. Tell them to protect and preserve our national parks, wildlife refuges, and other priceless public lands. Let them know that you're watching how they manage the land we've entrusted to our government.

Donate to the National Park Service. Your dollars make a difference.

Volunteer in your local parks. Become a steward in more than the abstract. There are opportunities for everyone, from artists to scientists, students to teachers, people of all skill sets can find a way to contribute.

National parks have provided Americans with recreation, education, and resources for generations. Let's keep them safe for all the generations to come.