Thanks to my friend and cantina regular RQ, Rosetta Stones finds itself highlighted on the NASA Earth Observatory website. Yowza! Note this tweet from EO's Rob Simmon:

[Update to my recent Tolbachik Volcano caption … with info from @dhunterauthor]


I was a bit taken aback, to say the least. I mean, I write this blog, and I'm just... well, me. What is NASA Earth Observatory doing even noticing I exist, much less using info from me? No wai! But I followed the link, and there's this spectacular satellite photo of Tolbachik:

And, below the caption, this:

Well, can't deny that. Huzzah!

If you'd told me just over a year ago that not only would Scientific American honor me with a blog on their network, but that NASA itself would find a post upon it of some use, I would have asked you what you were smoking. It's a long way to come, and completely unexpected. It never would have happened without you, either. All of you: the readers who read me and kept me writing, the geologists who trained me up and urged me on, Bora taking a chance, RQ asking about Tolbachik, and Rob Simmons liking the resulting post enough to link it. Thank you, all of you.

Who knows where we're going next, eh? With you, my darlings, it seems anything is possible. Dream big and keep the topic requests coming!