Oh, hai, is that the Seahawks at the Super Bowl again? Yes, it is! I have to say, I'm pretty stoked that my hometown team made it to the Super Bowl two years in a row. They are awesome that way! And they have fans that make it very easy to tie football in with geology:

When Seahawks Fans Cause Seismic Events

Will they win? Will there be a Beastquake? We won't have long to wait and see! Even if they don't win, they still have this awesome Super Bowl ring from last year, which is full of fascinating geology:

Forged in Cosmic Furnaces: The Geology of the Seahawks Super Bowl Rings (Prologue)

Grown in Hot Rock Depths: The Geology of the Seahawks Super Bowl Rings Part I


Regardless of who wins, I'll have a fine excuse to finally finish that series, which is about to get very explosive.

Now, I know I probably have some Patriots fans in the audience. You know I love you even though I have to cheer for the Seahawks because they are my team and they have Beastquakes, right? And I will be happy for your team if they win, even though I will have a sad if the Seahawks lose. I just hope it's one of those games where we're on the edges of our seats never knowing who will triumph the whole time. It'll probably be exciting, considering both teams are the only ones who have made it to the Super Bowl two consecutive times in the last decade. Also, they will not be frozen, because they are playing in Glendale, Arizona, which is actually nice (rather than a blast furnace) this time of year.*

May the best team win!


Good luck, Seahawks!

*If you're attending the game and are staying somewhere with a pool, you should join in the Arizona tradition of lounging poolside while calling friends and relatives in snowy areas and complaining that it is so cold because it's only seventy degrees. The reactions are priceless. Make up for it by bringing them some prickly pear jelly, because that is delicious.