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Image shows a diamond-shaped yellow caution sign with ROCKS printed in black in the center. Above it, Geology is written in red.
Credit: Dana Hunter

Geology Rocks

Image is a yellow caution sign with a car beside a cliff with falling rocks. There are two figures in the car. One is pointing at the cliff. Underneath, a caption says "Watch for geologists."
Credit: Dana Hunter

Watch for Geologists


Image shows a diamond-shaped yellow caution sign. The words STAND BACK! are printed at top. A drawing of a rock hammer and a few rocks is in the center. Below, it says, "I'm going to try geology."
Credit: Dana Hunter

Stand Back! I'm Going to Try Geology!

Image is the fence lizard on the rhyolite outcrop.
Credit: Dana Hunter

"Lizard on Rhyolite"

Image shows Mount St. Helens, snow-capped, rising over the Toutle River Valley near sunset. The moon is nearly full in the blue sky above the volcano.
Credit: Dana Hunter

"Moon Over Mount St. Helens"

Image shows a waterfall flowing over brown sandstone at Hug Point. The basalt head is visible in the distance, with a sliver of ocean beyond.
Credit: Dana Hunter


Credit: Dana Hunter

"Mount St. Helens"

Image is a photograph of a line of turtles sunning on a log. It's been rotated vertically, and they are perfectly reflected in the blue water, so it looks like a double stack of turtles. Beside it is a black strip with a vertical caption that says, "Turtles All the Way Down"

"Turtles All the Way Down"