This Thursday, Tanya Atwater will be speaking at San Francisco's Randall Museum. For free! Her talk is about Living in the Plate Boundary, and it sounds awesomesauce:

Superstar Geophysicist Tanya Atwater, will present an incredible and amazing series of images and ideas on the geologically active San Francisco area. She’ll also throw in some climate-related stuff because it’s amazing.

Tanya is a retired faculty member from UC Santa Barbara. After the initial theories of plate tectonics were established, Tanya was deeply involved in completing the theories. Her early papers on the topic were incorporated directly into text books and set the standard for geology education. She also is well known for using animations as an educational tool. More animations.

I'm sad! I'm not going to be able to make it! But if you're in the Bay area, and you can get there, you can see the whole thing and then come back here and tell me all the things I missed. So do that, please! I will love you forever. Here's the link to all you need to know. Have a blast!