A few weeks ago, I put together a cornucopia of geoscience blogging for ye, but I saved Doctor Evelyn for her own post. She's one of the first geologists I got to break rocks with, and the only person to date I've ever gone kayaking with.

We've sat in a gravel road while the dog got desperately bored, picking granite with garnets gleefully out.

We've done groundbreaking scientific research leading to some astounding discoveries.

And we've ended up in the New York Times.

(By the way - that pink-haired Utahraptor on the shelf there is Utah Carol, and Evelyn got him for me. Yeah, we haz history!)

Georneys is one of the first geology blogs I ever began reading, and remains one of my most important science stops. Her Geology Word of the Week is where I learned a lot of the terms of art. I encourage you to go through the archives: you'll learn a lot, painlessly, with outstanding photographs either taken by Evelyn herself or crowdsourced from the geoblogosphere.

Georney through Evelyn's blog, and you'll visit places like Namibia and Oman, and see so much amazing South African geology that you'll be drooling. Please cover your keyboards to prevent damage.

One of the most important features of Evelyn's blog around this time o' year is her gift guide. Do you need to know what to buy a geologist? Start there! Many spectacular yet affordable gifts await.

As you can see from the above, Evelyn is definitely my equivalent of The Doctor, whisking me off to exotic places (I'm a West Coast girl - New Hampshire was definitely exotic!) and broadening my horizons. We don't do much running, though - our thing is kayaking, and I can't wait to join her in both that and some georneying in South Africa and Seattle! Stay tuned for further adventures, and enjoy your georneys at her blog.