Facebook isn't just a social network – it can be an amazing resource for lovers of the good science of rock-breaking. If you want to fill your feed with jaw-dropping geology, splodey mountains, and lots of sparkly rocks, here's the list you need. Well, the first list, anyway. You can bet I'm going to find you even more astounding geology pages from around the world! Today, we're going to focus mostly on American sites. Prepare for maximum enjoyment!

Pages for Geology Lovers

Geomorphology Rules - This is a marvelous page for anyone fascinated by the science behind landforms. Photos, videos, and short essays explain how landscapes around the world work.

Planetary Landscapes – Here's where you go for absolutely stunning images of geology on other worlds. Plus interstellar views, and incredible/funny/inspiring items from our own planet.

The Earth Story – Our planet is filled with incredible geostories. The Earth Story is one of the best sites out there for telling them.

Earth Science Picture of the Day – Get your daily geology goodness right here! Plus many other earth science topics.

NASA Earth – Our space agency doesn't just investigate other planets! NASA does a lot of earth science, and the images and discoveries are stupendous.

Amazing Geologist – If you love beautiful and/or odd rocks, this is absolutely the page for you. Please have a napkin handy as drooling is a foregone conclusion.

Pages for Volcano Lovers

Volcano Disaster Assistance Program – Fantastic photos and videos of volcanoes currently going boom all over the world. This is one of the most dramatic pages you can follow!

USGS Volcanoes – Find out what America's volcanoes are up to this week and keep abreast of some pretty explosive earth science. You'll also be notified of awesome upcoming events that will bring you ever closer to our phenomenal fire mountains.

Mount St. Helens Institute – This is a wonderful organization bringing you news and events from one of our absolute favorite volcanoes. There is so much wonderful on this page – if you can follow only one, let this be it!


Professional Organizations You Won't Regret Following

US Geological Survey – Keep up on the doings and discoveries of America's premier earth science agency. Although mostly focusing on the US, of course, you'll get geology news from around the world here.

Arizona Geological Survey – Okay, yes, having grown up in Arizona, I'm partial. But the AZGS is also really, really good at doing the social media thing, and they fill their feed with some of the most magnificent geology on the planet. Very worth following!

American Geophysical Union – This is one of the premier geological orgs in the country, with worldwide impact. Their page is a rich resource of geology news.

The Geological Society of America – Keep up on cutting edge science and happenings in the geological community. You don't have to be a professional geologist or a member of the GSA to benefit.

GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division – Frozen debris flows? Monks keeping records of climate change? The Quaternary is exciting!

Society of Economic Geologists  – This is a great resource for job postings, professional meetings, and more.