On my recent vacation in Barcelona, I visited Casa Milá, or La Pedrera, one of Antoni Gaudí’s many Modernista masterpieces in the city. Though by no means the most interesting part of the building, the parquet floor in one of the rooms caught my eye. The pattern on the floor, composed of 30-60-90 right triangles, is sometimes called the 3-6 kisrhombile tiling, and there’s a game called Quadrigon all about it. (Thanks to @PardoeMary for sharing Quadrigon with me on Twitter.)

The kisrhombile tiling reveals itself in mysterious ways. Everyone seems to see something different, so I designed this highly scientific personality test based on what catches your attention. I guarantee that it is at least as accurate as phrenology.

What shapes do you see first in this picture?

Small 30-60-90 right triangles: You agonize over the little details in life. Everything has to be just so. You're constantly replaying past conversations in your mind, thinking of the witty retorts you could have made. If you ever meet that bully from middle school again, they'll need some aloe vera gel because you're prepared with about fifty different burns.

Equilateral triangles: You’re the life of the party. You get energy from being with others, and they love being around you. You're very persuasive. Your ideal career is in sales or cults.

Rectangles: You’re no square, but you do have an eye for detail and want to make sure no one cuts corners when you work on projects together. You’re a team player, but sometimes your teammates wish you would lighten up a bit.

Bigger rectangles: You see the big picture, but sometimes you risk missing the trees for the forest. Those trees need a little attention now and then. Maybe you should team up with a 30-60-90 triangle person.

Rhombi: Do you dare to eat a peach? 

Kites: You enjoy long walks on the beach. You used to think you liked being kissed in the rain, but then you tried it a few times and realized it was way better in your imagination than in real life. 

Pentagons: You march to the beat of a different drummer. Or maybe you just don’t have rhythm. It’s so hard to tell sometimes.

Hexagons: You’re a hard worker, and you try to be as efficient as possible. You have a strong urge to do what’s right for your community. When you find a really good meal, you just have to dance. You’re actually a bee.

Deltoids: Beam me up, Scotty! You believe in a future where the laws of physics are subordinate to confidently-delivered technobabble and where humans will eradicate war and poverty but somehow fail to put reliable safety mechanisms in the holodeck. Live long and prosper.

These three kites: You have many different skills and uses, but you can be dangerous. People need to handle you with care or risk getting severely burned. You have a short fuse, or should I say, a short half-life.

A disapproving face: You have an active imagination that sometimes borders on paranoia. Your Twitter timeline is made up entirely of updates from Faces in Things. You scroll through it wistfully, wishing they weren't all out to get you.

Do you see something else? Feel free to add your own answers in the comments.