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Blogging At The Intersection Of Psych and Pop Culture

Can you put a price on March Madness?

I originally published versions of this post at IonPsych on 3/9/11 and at my Wordpress blog on 3/11/12. You can see the original posts by clicking here for the 2011 post, or by clicking the From The Archives icon for the 2012 post...

March 23, 2013 — Melanie Tannenbaum

Pop Culture? There's an Effect for That.

Hello, my name is Melanie, and I'm addicted to horrible television.Well, I'm also addicted to social media. And politics. And The Daily Show. And Jennifer Lawrence interviews...Okay, it's probably fair to skip to the end of this list and admit that really, I'm just plain addicted to pop culture.It also seems fair to admit that I'm pretty darn lucky...

March 13, 2013 — Melanie Tannenbaum

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