Last year, I told you about a contest that allowed teens to submit an experiment to be done on the International Space Station. Winners were chosen and now they are eagerly awaiting the result of their experiments!

More details from the folks at Space Lab: This is "the culmination of the YouTube Space Lab competition in which astronauts will reveal the results of the two winning experiments live from the International Space Station (ISS) and share them with to the world on YouTube. The live stream will connect the ISS to YouTube’s London creator space on Thursday, September 13 beginning at 3:30 PM GMT/10:30 AM EST tomorrow and will be hosted by Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and include the two global winners, Amr Mohamed from Alexandria, Egypt; and Dorothy Chen and Sara Ma, from Troy, Michigan in the U.S."

Let's review the winning entries:

First, here is 18 year old Amr with his entry on Jumping Spiders, "Can You Teach an Old Spider New Tricks?"

And, from Dorothy and Sara, who want to look at the effects of space on virulence in the bacteria Bacillus subtilis, "Could Alien Superbugs Cure Disease on Earth?"

"Students from around the world came up with experiments that could only be performed where there is no gravity— the International Space Station,” said Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and host of the YouTube Space Lab live stream event. “You and I will meet the winning young scientists and talk with astronauts in orbit. So tune in to YouTube Space Lab and turn it up loud."

Photo courtesy of Philip Montogomery Photography